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Design Light Not Lamps ……


On my “travels” through the internet I came across an interesting website located in my country of birth Germany. The designer behind the stunning and beautiful light objects is Simon Brünner, an established multifaceted artist.

His portfolio includes amongst other things his position as Creative Director for labme, a new laboratory that explores innovative use of OLED technology.

Just let the pictures take you on a trip through new light worlds

Simon Brünner founded the company neuesLicht in 2006. Please check out


Stunning DIY Chandeliers #1


Being an artist and totally addicted to interior design I am always looking for one of a kind pieces that make a space unique. This time I was on a hunt for unusual chandeliers or light objects and I will share with you what I have found so far.

Can you believe that this stunning chandelier is made of soda bottle bottoms ? Seen at

Found at

A beautiful jellyfish seen at I had to add this even though I could not find a DIY version but I am sure I can come up with an idea on how to do this myself 🙂


See captioning ^ copy

Found at this is the store bought version followed by the DIY version

Here you can see the DIY version of the chandelier  found at

Here you can see the DIY version of the chandelier found at