Homemade Food means made from scratch


“Would you like a homemade waffle? ” Well we still make them HOMEMADE, which means not from a mix out of a box but from an old fashion German recipe my mom and my grandmother before used to make.
The only change we introduced over the years was to make them with whole wheat or spelt and with cane sugar instead of white industrial sugar. But my mom would be proud of me still doing it the right way.

When making them we usually make a whole large batch of 15 to 30 waffles and freeze them so we have them handy when we have guests and heat them up in the morning with fresh fruits and yoghurt or cream; also real cream without sugar and not that pretend whipped cream out of a can , which doesn’t even have any real cream in it.

Homemade food means made from scratch

Homemade food means made from scratch

“What does homemade even mean anymore? So much of what we see advertised, or called out by local places are phrases like ‘baked on premises’ and ‘baked daily’. Even places that sell artisan bread often bring it in par-baked, then finish it off in the store. Shows like Sandra Lee’s ‘Almost Homemade’ annoy me! How hard is it to cook your own chicken for Pete’s sake? I guess if you heated it up on your premises it’s homemade.” By Nancy R Lowell

In the last 10 maybe 20 years the definition of homemade got a new “meaning”. The food industry made us believe that when buying a mix or pre-fab produce and throw it all in a pot to heat it up ….we can call the result homemade. But this is a far cry from what one can call home- or self-made. It is just the make-believe of homemade that we were trained to accept so we can ease our minds to feed something good to our kids and family and the food industry still has a say in what we put on our table. And of course don’t forget a say in what it all is supposed to cost us.

We also are under such an illusion when we think all of this is so much easier and faster to accomplish than cooking from scratch.

“If you want real homemade food though, you’re probably going to have to make it yourself! Steer clear of any box or jar that claims it tastes homemade, because it’s a big fat lie! I bet you’ve forgotten what homemade sauce tastes like, or how much better your own roasted chicken tastes than that over-salted, over-cooked rotisserie chicken from your local supermarket. This isn’t about fat and calories, it’s about real food, made in your house with the ingredients you added, not the flavor enhancers, and texturizers added by some food factory cranking out tons of food a day.

Did you see your mom (or dad) cook? If you watched them cook you learned how to do things in the kitchen. Your children may not know to ask, but you owe it to them to be able to watch you cook. They need to see you make simple easy stuff that your family can eat. They need to see what homemade looks like. Knowing how to make a meal for yourself and your friends and family is an important life skill, and unlike the dying art of cursive handwriting, eating real food made by real hands in a real kitchen is important. Knowing how to do that is important.

Commercial food producers, and chain restaurants have made a mockery of the word homemade, and it’s time to take it back! Progresso used to have an ad that proclaimed “Make it Progresso, or make it yourself!” I say we take them up on that! Bring back the true meaning of homemade!” By Nancy R Lowell


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