This one is ONLY for the girls



Wellness Spa Weekend for Women only

Wellness Spa Weekend for Women only

We are so so sorry guys but this one is ONLY for the girls 🙂 We know you too like to be massaged, or like to have a nice hot sauna session or a good foot massage. Or would love to just sit and drink and eat
you are not invited ……..SORRY.
This time it is women only. But if you really really love your wife or your girlfriend you defenitely can score BIG time by sending her to us for a weekend of absolute relaxation and to be spoiled rotten by us and our two professionals. You will get a brand-new woman back.
The two ladies who will take care of your wife or girlfriend are highly trained and have many years of experience to know exactly what women need. (Read more about them on our website page – link below)

Sound good?
Tell your woman to relax, close her eyes and take a deep and freeing breath……. we will help her do the rest.
We attached the poster but if you can not open or see it just go to our website to check it out.

If you think this is not for you but know somebody who might like to join us PLEASE forward our email. Thank You!


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