How about a business meeting at the B&B


How much better could it get. Going to a bed and breakfast, enjoying all the comfort and intimacy of a small inn and work with business friends while snacking on cookies and putting up your legs on an Italian leather lounger?

 That was something I always loved while I was still working for a  company. Now I loooove to offer all of these things and more to our guests and see how much they enjoy being spoiled.

After you finish the meeting and had dinner you can settle in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and unwind before going up to your room to watch a movie on your own 40″ flat screen TV.
Does that sound like a fun work day?!

B&B meeting facility | Hawkesbury meeting room | Meeting room HawkesburyWe believe it would be just what you need for a great and successful meeting with colleagues. Don’t you think you want to convince your business friends  or your boss to move your next business meeting to a place like ours?

Well, why don’t you talk to them and propose to do just that?

Good luck and let us know how it went.  Ed & Shirley


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