World Health Day Special 50 % off.


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  After more than a year of success we feel it is time to
  give back to the people who supported us and helped us grow.
We all know that the daily stresses of job, business and
even the hustle and bustle of a busy family life take their toll
on our physical and spiritual health .
Scientists found out long ago that if  we as humans
want to survive we have to take care  of ourselves as a whole.
Public Health Agency of Canada published that stress is affecting
our physical health: “[….]Researchers are still studying the link 
  between stress and heart disease. […] We can’t avoid stress, 
  and it seems today’s lifestyles are more stressful than ever. It’s 
  important to learn to cope with stress so that it affects our bodies 
  as little as possible […]”We’re offering you to participate with us
as part of World Health Day.
Let us help you and do something about it.
Let us spoil you. Enjoy your time off and relax! We would love to
offer you a complimentary bottle of wine and 50% off your last night
when you book 2 or more nights with us.
Book a stay with us before May, 31. 2012 and take advantage of our gift to you.
Let us help you fight stress and stay healthy!
If you know somebody who would benefit from a break please feel free to pass this special offer on.
We will make sure you come home recharged and with a smile on your face 🙂  you can BOOK or check NOW
Ed & Shirley
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