Hello world!


Welcome to the new B&B in L’Orignal. Never heard of L’Orignal ? Well here we go . It is a little town right midway between Ottawa Ontario and Montreal Quebec. What is so special about it that we decided to buy a house here to open a B&B? Let me think ….. there are a few reasons: – the first one was the location, not only is it close to the two major cities we (Ed and I) love – Montreal and Ottawa. L’Orignal’s history not only  goes back to 1674 !! it is also beautiful with its old world character buildings like the prison (build in 1823) and the court house 1821 (still in use ).

L’Orignal is located right at the Ottawa river and the next town, Hawkesbury, offers access to “the other side” of the Ottawa river which allows us to just skip over to visit the province of Quebec :) Love it !!

It is just a treat to live here – overlooking the river when having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine … I would say it can’t get better than that, right?!



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